Andy Saywell Nottingham Wedding Photographer

Well, my name is Andy and I have been a documentary photographer for the last 4-5 years. 

I'm currently a Sony Alpha Photographer using Sony A9's and the Sony A7RIII. 

I pride myself on not being a ‘traditional wedding photographer’, you won’t catch me climbing up a ladder bossing your guests around and I work in such an unobtrusive way that you'll hardly know that I'm there.

I’m not a fan of traditional, awkward or stiffly-posed wedding photography, if that’s your bag - that's cool, but I’m not the photographer for you. But, if you want a set of images from your wedding day which captures the emotion, the feelings and the true story of your wedding day - I’m the guy for you!

I’m not one for writing about my personal life I think my Instagram page or my Twitter can give you a great insight about me as a person and what I’m up to!

Hopefully, I get to speak to you soon, but if not, I wish you all the best for your wedding!


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