Random Thoughts - Pricing and "Pros"

Pricing yourself as a photographer is really difficult; too cheap and people won't take you seriously, too much and you start to limit your clients.

I thought really hard about my pricing for 2016 and 2017 with my full day rate being £600. For 2018 this will rise, but for now I'm happy with my pricing.

If you read my about section of my web-site you will see that I'm not a full time photographer, I hold a full time job as a management accountant and I use my annual leave to cover weddings during the week and weekends are done in my own time.

I set my self a target of shooting only 15 weddings this year and 20 in 2017 - I have 13 booked this year, so not far off my target - given I only started to fully advertise in February, thats not bad going.

Some "Pro" photographers say you shouldn't let a part time photographer shoot your wedding "what do they know, they are not full time so don't take it seriously" this sort of comment really shows a lack of respect for people like me who have come to photography later on in life after forging a career in a different industry. To say that I don't take it seriously is utter BS, anyone who knows me or speaks to me know how passionate I am about producing photos for people who will cherish them forever.

There is a land grab going on in the world of wedding photography in the UK, there are those "Pro" photographers who have been charging £1,500 + for weddings, who have started to see their work dry up - there is more choice out there now, go on gumtree you will see people offering full wedding coverage for £200. It's this change that has some "Pro" photographers worried, they are worried that new people to the market can charge less and get good enough quality and are "taking" clients from them.

My prices give people a choice.