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Part of a good wedding is the fun and enjoyment you see people having; in this shot, I see plenty of fun!

The photo was taken at the wedding of Nat and Tom and was snapped later in the day when the disco was in full swing.

I saw grandad and his granddaughter having a boogie together earlier on in the evening and clocked that they would make a great picture – so I kept my eye on them.

This particular picture was part of a sequence of shots, I spotted that they were having a boogie from different ends of the village hall and wanted to capture them dancing in sync – out of a series of 10 shots, this one was my favourite.

I’m pleased to say that the Fuji XPRO2 and the 16mm F1.4 didn’t let me down when shooting the sequence of shots, all were in focus!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this picture!


Candid Documentary Wedding Photographer