Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Weddings – A Few Thoughts

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Weddings – A Few Thoughts

Obviously, right now (13/03/2020) – no one knows what’s going to happen, but the likelihood will be that some weddings over the comings months will get postponed due to the virus, so I thought I’d run through a few scenarios which you may or not have thought about.

Government Cancelling Events/Gatherings For Small Numbers Of People

This scenario is a no-win for anyone and there is nothing much that any of us can do to mitigate this one. If this does happen the likelihood will be that the date will be pushed back and potentially (depending on the venue and how busy they are) the wedding may take place during the week rather than the weekend or you might seek a different venue, but there may be a cancellation penalty with the original venue.

The Venue Cancels Or Postpones

It’s easy to see how this one could happen – every weekend 100’s of people will rock up to wedding venues, along with suppliers and members of staff and it only takes a single case, and the venue will play it safe and close its doors.

This situation is no different to the venue cancelling due to remedial works on the building etc.. they will have insurance for having to cancel weddings/events and they will be liable to you for any payments you may need to make to your suppliers.

If You Guys Have To Cancel

I just want to say straight away that if you guys have to postpone the wedding to a date later in the year – I will work with you to make sure that I can still be there with no additional costs etc..

Other suppliers may be different and will point you to their T&C’s/contracts that you have in place and expect full payment even if they are free on your new wedding date – so double-check what you have signed. If you need another copy of our contract – let me know, and I can email that across.

I have spoken to three venues today and they are treating this virus the same as any other cancellation – they are expecting to be paid in full.

If you do have wedding insurance – this will cover supplier/ venue fees for cancelling or postponing the wedding.

What If I Get Ill?

If I’m not able to be at your wedding (TBH for any reason) I would refund you any monies paid and work with you to find another photographer of the same style and standard to be at your wedding. I am part of a group of photographers who have each others back and will be happy to step in and help.

Final Bit

No one knows what is going to happen, I’m ploughing ahead and planning for all my weddings, doing what I always do and I’m always around if you have any queries or questions.

Enjoy your weekend!



Postponing Wedding Dates

UPDATE – 21st of March 2020.

With the cancelling of events along with the closure of many shops, bars and restaurants – Weddings are going to be seriously affected by these measures and I imagine that we will be lucky to see weddings going ahead before the end of June.

So I thought I would put together a calendar showing the dates where I am available and where I am booked – Please note that the calendar works better on a computer and not on a phone or tablet!

If you spot a date that is currently free, please drop a message below asking me to pencil you in for the new date – you can then confirm the date later on when you have finalised everything with the venue!


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