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Wedding photography at The Carriage Hall - Bride and Groom first Kiss

The first kiss at a wedding is one of those cliche photos taken at every wedding and one that most wedding photographers take on autopilot.

I like to be a little different.

I love to capture the build-up to the first kiss, that split second before the kiss, the look in the eyes as the hand reaches up to offer reassurance – love it!

This first kiss wedding photo was taken at The Carriage Hall on the outskirts of Nottingham in a rebuilt and converted train maintenance building. It’s a lovely place to get married and as you can see from the photo the ceremony rooms is stunning with the high ceiling and the balcony.

Getting a photo like this is not easy and it doesn’t always work, the first kiss can be awkward as you are kissing your new life partner in front of a lot of people, but when it works you end up with a stunning wedding photo like the one above.

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