Pricing 2017 & 2018

Pricing... well, this is the bit no-one really likes talking about. I have tried to keep things simple with 3 packages available. Hopefully these cover everyone's needs; but if you need something extra, please let me know and we can talk through the request.

For 2018 due to the demand for my services the prices for each package will be as follows:  Full day £675 - Standard - £545 - Simple - £395. The full day coverage (for 2018) will also include the A4 print found below in "Extras".

Please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page, as it expands on table below.

Wedding Photography Pricing


  •  "What group shots are covered?"
    • All my packages include group shots as I understand how important it can be to have some group shots of family and friends. I limit the shots to around six to eight  which normally includes Bride and Groom plus - Bridesmaids; Groom Parents; Bride's Parents; Everyone; plus others requested. The reason I limit these is they impact on the flow of your wedding day, whilst we are spending upwards of an hour on your group shots, you are taking away from the candid style that you are booking me for.
  • "How many photographs should I expect?"
    • Obviously the more time I'm with you on your special day the more photos will be provided. I don't put a top or bottom limit on the pictures, but I aim for the Full day coverage to provide between 250 - 400 pictures, the Standard coverage to provide between 200 - 300 and between 50- 100 for the Simple package. My previous full day packages have included over 400 pictures, to give as an example.
  • "Whats the web hosting and online proofing?"

    • Once I'm back at base I will back-up all my memory cards and will start the process of selection. Once I have this selection I will upload your pictures to my secure online proofing gallery where you can log in, view and download the pictures. You can pick your favourites by clicking on the heart icon within the galleries. I keep your wedding gallery on my web-site for 12 months from when the gallery goes live. After 12 months I will drop you an email that the gallery is about to expire, you can then (if you wish) add an extra 12 month's hosting for £20. From your online gallery you can also order prints directly from Loxley Colour. 

  • "With simple and standard packages - what times does this cover?"

    • Good question, and one that a lot of people ask. With both the Simple and Standard packages I arrive and start the working day no less than an hour before the ceremony unless you wanted to do something different. The coverage ends for the Simple package after around 4 hours - obviously I won't just walk out bang on 4 hours! I will always come and speak to you to let you know when I'm heading off - this on a normal day is when the food is being served. The Standard package covers you from an hour before the ceremony to well into the Disco! 

  • "What about the DVD?"

    • If you opt for the Full Day package you get a hand made DVD picture folio case to keep your DVD safe. If you have opted for the Standard package your DVD will come housed in a simple jewel case. You can upgrade to a DVD picture folio case for an extra charge of £40. The simple package is a digital only base package meaning you download the pictures in high resolution directly from your online gallery. If you wanted to see more on the DVD Folio Case; please click HERE

  • "How long does it take before I see my pictures?"

    • I aim to have uploaded your pictures to my secure online proofing gallery in around  7 to 14 days.

  • " Do you have an example of a Photofilm I can see?"

    • For Natalie and Tom - Click Here to see their wedding gallery - their video is at the bottom.

    • For Emily and Carl - Click Here to see their wedding gallery - their video is at the top - just click on the picture to start playback.

If you have any questions not answered by the above FAQs; please get in touch using the "Contact Me" below