My Style

Candid Documentary Wedding Photography

Describing myself has always been something I've never felt easy about doing and I don't think that will ever change. My wedding style has been described by some as documentary, but most wedding photographers fall into this one way or the other. I've been described as someone who really captures moments that last, and who doesn't intrude on peoples special day - I like this one.

For me the way I take pictures at weddings is by blending in with family and friends and capturing the moments from the point of view of one of your guests.

The way I work leads to a collection of images that really take you back to your wedding day and when viewing the images you can feel the emotion captured in the images and have those wedding day feelings come rushing back.

I believe a wedding should flow, it should be a day enjoyed by everyone; and my natural style is to follow the day as it happens, and to capture those special moments whether it be friends being reunited or surprise family guests. I don't take  pictures where I pose people, as I believe shots  should be natural and candid.

I include group pictures as part of all my wedding packages, I do encourage people to not have too many group shots as it really can slow the day down and the flow of your day can be lost, I like to work from a list so we can get them done and dusted without causing to much fuss and making people wait around when all they want to do is celebrate and party!

Candid Documentary Wedding Photography

My commitment and promises to you

  • No fake smiles.
  • No interfering with your day.
  • An Individual approach to each wedding.
  • My absolute best efforts, skills and dedication, before, during and after your wedding.
  • Honest and true images of your day.
  • 100% guaranteed to be free from cliché!!!

Please take a look around a few of my most recent weddings, have a read of my blog and check out my Twitter feed to see what I'm like!